Saturday, June 12, 2010

one day AS USUAL when i was at home one of our neighbouring uncle came,at that time i was seriously watching furious bike rides on some sport channel having a packet of potato chips in my hand.He asked me why i was at home on an ordinary working day when all other so called students were rushing towards their colleges .After he had left facing an answer from me(I saw a titter of laughter on his face at my answer),I was ir homes or hotelsunable to concentrate neither on the tv show nor on my chips packet.I began to think seriously the reason i was at home on that day is we were given holiday because of the boycott of classes by some of our college students supported some hooliganic guys of the so called student federations who were tough at brain and physique and the reason was SAMBAR served at the mess on that day was not as good as served at their houses or hotels. Yeah its a reason for the hard working technical students to rave against for not providng good food but d'you think that there's a necissity for a holiday for such cause.NOT AT ALL AGREABLE.These frequent holidays for our college(not just due to the above sambar reason) does leave ourselves in a hard situation leaving out with incompletion of syllabus lack of time for tests or seminars and many more..this should have an end.Its we that get into troubles during exams and labs(the most important result is the incompletion of lab exercises).And u think that the involvent of the student bodies into the affairs of engineering college is not encouragable 'cause engineering should be enjoyed more at college than at home.As a matter of fact its more thrill to bunk the classes during the college hours than themselves giving holidays and preventing us to bunk.JUST THINK ABOUT IT.........................NO HARD FEELINGS ,KEEP ROCKING!!!!!!!!!


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