Saturday, June 19, 2010


when you are visiting our college website for the first time(guess it would be your last) you'd find an amazing background pattern flashing our college name takes us to the home page which looks great in a sense that its appearence is great,next you'd find a flash news scrolling slowly like some breaking news in a news channel. you eagerly try to find whats the news is at the same moment the enthusiasm fades of your face 'cause it states that' associate professors are appointed for different departments', this is the flash news i've been seeing since i've joined in this college.Is that because there are no news or due to negligence ,no there are number of thing going on.From the notice board section you can notice the inception of our college website (may be the designers wants the students to notice that theres acollege website inagurated by our hon'ble vc and this notice is being made by them for past 2 years).every section you visit possess the header 'page is under construction',yeah its true that our college is still under construction but it doesn't mean to have our college website under construction(may be the web designers thought that the site should be constructed in parallel with the construction of college??).As an electrical student i'm writing this sentence with much protest than any of the other branch"web protestors" 'cause i've never found electrical as an existing branch in our college website and dont ask about the syllabus or facilities.You'd even find the girls hostel and health center are also'under construction'!!!!!!!!!.Last month i came to know through a news paper that results of 2 and 3 year students of our college are announced ,soon after when i opened our college website i've not found any flash news bearing the statement 'announcement of results' but when you enter your roll number your result will be displayed,how funny you've never known that your results are announced unless and untill you come across a news paper.Its just a waste of memory to the section 'attendance report',whenever you enter your roll no it displays"hello ......... page is under construction.College website is the one every student who's willing to join the respective college would first have a look at,'cause every one cannot come to the college and enquire about the facilities.though we dont have sophisticated labs and infrastructure there should be atleast a phrase mentioning about the facilities provided to make the sense of a good college to the visitors.Here we should learn a lot from other colleges and universities.Its the perfect time 'cause its the time for the new admissions so atleast now i hope the web designers would consider this and would try to improve it atleast to the minimum need.
This is blog is the student voice of our college so, dear administrators please hear our appeals(to say PROTESTS).



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