Saturday, December 18, 2010

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar:-

I B.Tech Academic Calendar 2010-2011

College Commences on04-OCT-2010
Dasara Vacation13-OCT-2010 to 17-OCT-2010
Ist Mid Examinations04-JAN-2011 to 07-JAN-2011
Pongal Vacation12-JAN-2011 to 17-JAN-2011
IInd Mid Examination11-APR-2011 to 16-APR-2011
Preparation and Practicals17-APR-2011 to 24-APR-2011
University Regular Examinations26-APR-2011 to 09-MAY-2011
College Reopens on04-JUL-2011
* all second saturdays are working days

II, III B.Tech Academic Calendar 2010-2011

Semester Commences on20-DEC-2010
Pongal Vacation12-JAN-2011 to 17-JAN-2011
Ist Mid Examinations09-FEB-2011 to 11-FEB-2011
Last Day of Instruction31-MAR-2011
IInd Mid Examination06-APR-2011 to 08-APR-2011
Preparation and Practicals10-APR-2011 to 23-APR-2011
University Regular Examinations25-APR-2011 to 07-MAY-2011
College Reopens on04-JUL-2011

IV B.Tech Academic Calendar 2010-2011

Semester Commences on20-DEC-2010
Ist Mid Examinations07-FEB-2011
Pongal Vacation12-JAN-2011 to 17-JAN-2011
Last Day of Instruction31-JAN-2011
IInd Mid Examination01-FEB-2011
University Regular Examinations04-FEB-2011 to 07-FEB-2011
Final Project Submission (on or before)02-MAY-2011


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